Comic 189 - Prologue Page 6
1st May 2022, 12:00 AM in Book One Rebooted
Prologue Page 6
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Author Notes:
Androssian Prophecy edit delete
Arne said he's going to send us something to post for here but just in case it's later than the start of May, I'm going to borrow this text he wrote for Patreon, I hope he doesn't mind!

I had to shrink the size of the image by 50 percent using Microsoft Paint as the original file was too big to upload here. The original is on Patreon for Patrons here.

"Hello all. I have been living out of a Motel 6 for months. Most of my belongings have been in storage. I moved from Alabama to Pennsylvania for a new job in fiber optics. I finally found a house to rent and have my things out of storage, but am still settling in.

The first two panels were done back in January and the rest was done this week."
User comments:
StarSword (Guest) edit delete reply
Glad to know the comic isn't dead again, and congrats on the job and finding a place!
xyzzy edit delete reply
Seems like it wasn't really dead the first time, either. (wink emoji here)