Comic 188 - Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2022 (VDSD 2022)
15th Feb 2022, 2:00 AM in Book One Rebooted
Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2022 (VDSD 2022)
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Author Notes:
Androssian Prophecy edit delete
OK, so lots of chaos around this year's VDSD (so what else is new) and so I ended up having to desperately reach out for an image (sorry about the delay) and just asked for anyone with pointy ears since The Androssian Prophecy has a few people with those.

This is actually Llana the Elf Spy (maybe related to Lana?) courtesy of a kind donation from Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana (among others including Llana!) but especially since she's an elf, she could be mistaken as being from the Androssian Prophecy thanks to the pointy ears at least, I guess?

Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2022

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User comments:
Guesticules (Guest) edit delete reply
Just a note: the link took me to the 2021 page
Androssian Prophecy edit delete reply
Which link are we talking about here?

By the way, just typing in your address bar should work if still is not, also every page from where the archives currently ends is posted here only for now because we don't want to risk everything being deleted again (everything post late November just vanished one day!):
Guesticules (Guest) edit delete reply
The link on the VDSD's, it points to page 180
Androssian Prophecy edit delete reply
I know, this was a late scramble so I thought originally, while I was trying to fix something (anything!) up, linking last year's image at least gave everyone something to look at while I was trying to fix this all up since there were no guarantees I'd be able to do anything.

Hopefully people now will see the directions sending them this way from the 2021 page and find their way here.
Guesticules (Guest) edit delete reply
Didn't mean to sound like was complaining or anything :(

Oh, and the exiern link works again, just as you said, pages went poof!
Guesticules (Guest) edit delete reply
And the invotive is still last years' VDSD image
Androssian Prophecy edit delete reply
We don't have a second image to go with the voting incentive as such so what you see is what you get here for this year!
Guesticules (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, the invotive use to be the uncensored version of the page image
Again, not meaning to sound like complaining :(
BlueDragon edit delete reply
Very lovely colors and composition! Lovely!
Old Scribe (Guest) edit delete reply
Nice pin-up, BTW. Good to have you, the Bad Dragon Team and the comic back, Arne. Starting from go again will be interesting as it's been awhile since the last comic ended. Will you be revising the former artwork, reworking it or adding new panels? Will you be revising the plotlines or adding to them? I'm looking forward to TAP 2.0. Good luck with it.