Comic 186 - Prologue Page 5 Preview
1st Jan 2022, 5:00 PM in Book One Rebooted
Prologue Page 5 Preview
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Author Notes:
Androssian Prophecy edit delete
Arne's on a big move across the country at the moment, so he hasn't been able to complete a page yet but we do have this preview image we can post. We'll have a complete page up as soon as we can!

We hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!

The image is of Leena Alaein in Guardian armor (or as we call it down here 'armour').
User comments:
Guesticules (Guest) edit delete reply
Thus the training begins :)
Guesticules (Guest) edit delete reply
Okay, just did a quick jump to the beginning to remind me of the original actress playing Leena, and the most noticeable difference are the eyes, haven't been able to check the ears yet
Neka415 (Guest) edit delete reply
I am loving the reboot! looking forward to more.