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1st Oct 2018, 2:33 AM in Book Two
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User comments:
Descartes (Guest) edit delete reply
Glad to have found this again.
robnot (Guest) edit delete reply
YAY.!! not an "ad-bot" or a spam site...

.. now to archive dive, an see what i missed.. :)
robnot (Guest) edit delete reply
sigh,, now caught up :)
Rrys edit delete reply
Found finally and caught up!
Sheela edit delete reply
Archive binge .. completed ! :D
This is good stuff.
Oberoten (Guest) edit delete reply
@Sheela : In fact, glad you mentioned this on Datachasers comments.
Sheela edit delete reply
Oh, well, I'm happy that you are happy then.

Oh, and there's also this *other* webcomic called Daughter of the Lillies that you could totally read. XD
knuut edit delete reply
Except that 'Lillies' seems to be on some sort of working hiatus for several weeks now.
Sheela edit delete reply
I believe she wants to put it in print, so she's fixing mistakes, before moving on .. last post was the 6th of December, only 5 days ago.
AdderUSA (Guest) edit delete reply
She posted something in Patreon, apparently she had some kind of accident at work that put her out of commission for a while.

So to the artist, get well soon, we look forward to seeing this continue when you're ready!
Sheela edit delete reply
We really do. :)
BF (Guest) edit delete reply
Glad to have you back! Rediscovered you via your deviant art page and I'm glad I looked!
stormbringer77 edit delete reply
I don't know what I did or what made me lose this fantastic art and story since several months ago,but getting it back and rereading it again and catching up on what I missed is almost like drinking the "Nectar of the Gods". PLEASE continue with this so we may all enjoy the intense drawings and the story we love so much,and printing this would be beyond fantastic!
Guesticus (Guest) edit delete reply
Wasn't anything you did, the old site simply ended (personally had been checking it every week, and voting on TWC)