Comic 177 - Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2019 (VDSD 2019)
14th Feb 2019, 12:00 AM in Book Two
Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2019 (VDSD 2019)
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Author Notes:
Androssian Prophecy edit delete
New pages coming soon!

Click here to see uncensored VDSD image here! (from February 14th 2019)

Valentine's Day Sex Drive 2019

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User comments:
Guesticus (Guest) edit delete reply
Had been checking the old site, and voting, every week, hoping. and waiting, for the return
When spotted the entry for this years VDSD was half expecting to just find a single image, not find a continuation :D
Androssian Prophecy edit delete reply
Welcome back! The hope was to also let people know not only was the site back, there were new pages coming. You're a long way from Exiern by the way ... does Scott know you're here and once again visiting other webcomics behind his back?
Guesticus (Guest) edit delete reply
It's... nice to be remembered, and nicer to be welcomed
Never been a secret that read many webics, have always attempted to give all equal attention, so hopefully that wouldn't be a problem :)
Old Scribe (Guest) edit delete reply
I was extremely gratified to see "The Androssian Prophecy" return! I kept checking back at the old site to see if it had been updated and then, thanks to the VDSD, I discovered that this comic had returned. I really missed the artwork and story line and I'm glad it's back. I'm looking forward to future episodes.

D.D.D. Destroyer (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh man, I've been waiting along with the other few dedicated folks, and patience is about to be rewarded. Awesome!
LAL1966 edit delete reply
Was very happy to find you again, previous searches and your Paetron page always brought me to the dead site. Looking forward to catching up on the story.